inoca SETTA

The products are
by skilled craftsmen one by one

‘inoca SETTA’ were created because the ‘Kishu Igusa’ Tatami facing that we produced met with craftsmen from Nara who have been making Setta for a long time. In a world where fast fashion and mass production are mainstream, we daringly stick to MADE IN JAPAN and choose handmade products which take a long time to produce. It is fun to count the days from the moment you start to want the item to the day that you receive it. Rather than creating products that place value on speed, we value manufacturing that takes time and effort to create carefully.

Standard form × 48 different color variations

For men, a standard oval shape is used, and for women, a 4.5cm EVA heel is used to improve style and weight. Both of the features do not look unusual but have a traditional design. However, just sticking to the basics is boring and therefore, ‘inoca SETTA’ offers 48 color variations. There are 12 colors for the surface of the thong and the edge of the Tatami insole, and 4 colors for the underside of the thong and the Sakkyo (tip of the thong). Please look for a pair of setta with your favorite colors.

inoca SETTA


MEN ¥14,080(税込)
WOMEN ¥11,800(税別)
OVERSEAS ¥14,800(税別)
Thong /(front) beltop x(back) brushed suede
Insole / Igusa rush grass from Kishu
Sole / (for men and overseas) Synthetic Leather
(for women) EVA heel height: about 4.5cm


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