Bringing the scent of
Igusa into your life

A brand with the scent of Igusa
This is inoca

Bringing the scent of Igusa in your life
The brand-new Tatami gives off the scent of the raw material of Igusa. The scent of freshness, lushness, and nostalgia has a mysterious power to relieve people's hearts.

inoca, a new brand that makes use of the simplicity of Igusa, shares ‘SLOW LIFE’ with everybody from customers to craftsman.

After planting seedlings in the cold winter, watching over and nurturing them so they stay alive, and then passing spring with its gentle sunlight, at last it is time to harvest Igusa in the scorching summer heat.

‘Kishu Igusa’ was grown with the hands of many people. inoca’s manufacturing starts from here. It's never flashy, but the more you use it, the more its personality appears. The older it gets, the more beautiful the color becomes, turning a deep amber color, little by little. inoca is a ‘SLOW LIFE’ brand that grows together with you.


Purchases can be made at the online store.