inoca COVER book

For people who enjoy reading with all five senses.
inoca COVER book

In these times, where everything seems to be digital, why not choose an analog item. The inoca COVER book is a gloriously vivid cover to protect your treasured work. It’s made from Japanese soft rush, so you can experience the relaxation of reading while being soothed by the aroma and feel of traditional tatami flooring.

The small joy of always having your favorite or lucky color beside you. It may seem like a tiny part of your day, but we would be delighted if it can help you find even a little more peace and harmony in your daily routine. We hope you can fully experience the joy of the color, aroma and ever changing texture of the inoca COVER book whenever you pick it up.

inoca COVER book

Book Cover

Edge / Madder red, Prussian blue, Amber, Amber, Purple
Base / Igusa rush grass from Kishu
/ Peony red, Rose, Walnut, Golden yellow, Bright green, Ever green, Deep green, Blue, Lapis lazuli, Raven, Wine red, Marron


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