inoca CASE

Coordinating with ‘inoca SETTA’ is recommended

Decorated with a charming round button with piping of the same material as the thong on the ‘Kishu Igusa’ Tatami insole, the ‘inoca CASE’, which looks like a purse in the Edo period, is attractive for its classical design. Matching with ‘inoca SETTA’ is possible, so coordination with your favorite color is recommended. Of course, these are also MADE IN JAPAN, each one handmade by skilled craftsmen. You can enjoy the aging of the color and the way it changes shape to fit perfectly into your hand.

A business card case that brings comfort to the business environment

There are many formal items in the business world but isn't it a good idea to sometimes feel relaxed? In addition to the texture and the unique scent of Igusa, the item that is different from anyone else’s is definitely noticeable. Our ‘inoca CASE’ may trigger important business negotiations to go smoothly. It can be used not only as a business card case, but also as a case for medical cards or point cards. Please find out how to use it only for you.

inoca CASE

Card Case

Edge / beltop
Base / Igusa rush grass from Kishu
Covered button / brushed suede, metal alloy
Rope / real leather


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